Whitepaper "Sustainability through AI"

what is it about?

Today more than ever, our society is facing a serious challenge: there are major and burdensome problems such as climate change, pollution of the oceans, and food and resource scarcity, to name just a few.

One of the reasons for this is the carbon footprint of every company, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Companies want  quickly and efficiently offer solutions for advancing the level of digitalization and automation in business processes.

The question that arises here is: “How can AI be used concretely to make our world more sustainable?”. This topic is addressed in our whitepaper.


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KENDAXA is an artificial intelligence software solutions company that unburdens people across many industries, making them more efficient but not redundant. We are expanding the market for advanced AI and making it affordable for mid-market customers by delivering better, faster, more cost-effective AI that we call intelligent automation. We offer advanced, configurable, repeatable, scalable AI apps delivered as SaaS – powered by an innovative platform and a ton of industry expertise. We joined in 2017 and have great people in Leipzig, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic and a few other places.

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