KENDAXA specializes in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science for the automation and optimization of business processes in financial services and manufacturing industries


Intelligent Industry is a solutions portfolio consisting of modern, intuitive and linkable products that are using AI, ML, and Data Science for the automation and optimization of industrial engineering, production, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes.


Intelligent Documents enables the processing of documents regardless of their nature. Data from structured, unstructured, typewritten and handwritten documents can be extracted, digitized and validated. The classification of documents is the particularly intelligent part of this. The Intelligent Documents offers enormous potential to accelerate processes and avoid human labor, which is otherwise needed for handling paperwork and extracting relevant information.


Intelligent Processes supports and improves the approaches of existing systems for BPM and workflow management by extending the traditional modeling and automation of decisions, adding capabilities to automate individual steps and sub-processes and by allowing to flexibly orchestrate, manage, and track the automatic processing of cases.

Intelligent Platform is a platform that uses the learnings, capabilities and experiences in AI, ML, and Data Science to drive more commercial impact through insights and promotes your business value many times over.


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