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[KX-DI] Platform
[Platform as a Service - PaaS]

[KX-DI] is an AI-based platform covering the complete data & process lifecycle for data insight retrieval, process optimization and automation. The platform empowers data and creates a thinking network for the business environment.


Cleansing the data and performing different pre-processing methods are the prerequisites for a strong primary database, capable of confirming predictions and possible courses of action. Base profiles enable [KX-DI] to predict customer behaviour and to actively manage product life cycles.

Data Import

Using different types of import processes, data from a large variety of sources is integrated into this process. Connections to external sources can be established with an AI-based approach by learning and automatically mapping data.

System Integration

The integration of KX-software as well as third party software and systems considerably broadens the range of the platform’s possible applications. By establishing a connected, compatible and integrated network between the different systems, [KX-DI]’s possible applications and potential benefits are multiplied.

Data Processing /Data Analysis /Data MiningData ImportSystem andSoftwareIntegrationData Storage /Data Processing /Data EnrichmentDelivery /AutomationData Cleansing /Pre-Processing /Base Profiling[KX-DI]


[KX-DI] employs different approaches to data handling and combines standard and self-developed algorithms, neuronal networks, learning & improving systems, process and data mining as well as prediction methods etc.


[KX-DI] delivers an intuitive, AI-powered interface for handling the complete data lifecycle: connections, workflows, processes, automations and actions. At the same pace that insights are retrieved and data aggregation and analysis are automated, data becomes accessible and smart.


[KX-DI] uses a hybrid approach combining the concepts of data lake (unstructured) and data warehouse (structured). Hence, existing client systems can be seamlessly integrated. By enriching the data with second and third party sources, possible connections and insights are enhanced to bring analysis and automation to a new level – via digital evolution.

Challenges and Outcomes

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Profit Increase

Portfolio management, real-time pricing, AI-based risk management, intelligent allocation of production factors

Human Resources

Employee motivation, employee satisfaction, staff assignment according to skill & performance assessment, potential development

Process Optimisation

Performance management, process automation, process reliability, securing operational requirements


Personalised marketing, data security for campaigns, algorithm-based decision making, prediction

Based on the continuously growing service portfolio, additional intelligent applications gradually emerge, encompassed within KENDAXA’s platform [KX-DI].

Based on the continuously growing service portfolio, additional intelligent applications gradually emerge, encompassed within KENDAXA’s platform [KX-DI].


Workforce Management Tool


Data Security Tool


Telephone Number Mapping Tool





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