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Enterprise products

Our intuitive and combinable products to optimize your processes at a glance


The modules of KENDAXA HRM Suite automate and simplify otherwise complex daily to-dos regarding the management of employees. It combines absence and time tracking management, shift planning as well as task distribution, and provides notification and communication tools. The application can be extended by our other products KENDAXA Video Analytics, KENDAXA Payroll Prep and KENDAXA CRM.

KENDAXA Video Analytics for POS

Tool for real-time video analysis of store footage to examine visitor flows, waiting times, duration of stay and attractiveness of certain areas.


Customer relationship management tool to improve campaign management and commission management including an inventory management system.


Accounting tool for processing transaction and master data to prepare the complete payroll process with DATEV LODAS.

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Smart services

Efficient data management and document processing as well as detailed analyses and predictions

KENDAXA Data Processing Service

Service for aggregation, cleansing, enrichment and improvement of data.

  • KENDAXA Data Cleansing: Data aggregation and subsequent structuring and correction.
  • KENDAXA Data Enhancement: Improvement of data by extracting non-readable information.
  • KENDAXA Data Enrichment: Enrichment of data sets with information from databases, containing input from various external data sources.

KENDAXA Document Processing Service

KENDAXA Document Processing Services enables the processing of documents regardless of their nature. Data from structured, unstructured, typewritten and handwritten documents can be extracted, digitized and validated. The KENDAXA Classification Service, which falls under our KENDAXA Intelligent Document Processing service, is a particularly intelligent part of this.

  • KENDAXA Document Digitization: Documents with type- and hand-written contents are digitized and turned into readable data.
  • KENDAXA Auto-Redaction: Automated redaction based on custom patterns.
  • KENDAXA Signature Detection: Signatures are detected without prior preparation of the documents on our customers’ side.
  • KENDAXA Intelligent Document Processing: Intelligent categorization and grouping of documents.

KENDAXA Predictive Analytics

Service for prediction of sales, supplier shortage, machine downtime, capacity requirements and customer calls.

Further know-how

  • Profiling
  • Building a Chatbot Service
  • Intelligent Redaction

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Custom Solutions

Modern, intuitive, linkable products for the optimization of your processes in various areas

KENDAXA Industry Toolkit

The KENDAXA Industry Toolkit covers several modules in the areas of Industry 4.0, Predictive Analytics or Natural Language Processing, which support engineering and production. All modules focus on saving time, materials, labour and costs.

  • KENDAXA BOM-Validator: Evaluation of BOM (Bill-of-Materials) from historical data as well as labelling parts as incorrect, missing or excessive to decrease the number of errors.
  • KENDAXA 3D Parts Finder: Similarity of different parts of the same kind is evaluated to minimize waiting times and delays.
  • KENDAXA Throughput-Optimization: The whole process of materials and goods movement is evaluated to propose time- and cost-saving measures and process optimization.
  • KENDAXA Master Data Refinement: Correction of corrupted or not well-structured data.
  • KENDAXA High Precision Measuring: Approach for support of quality assurance processes in manufacturing companies.

KENDAXA Process Automation

Applications to simplify B2C interaction and improve efficiency and automation, therefore saving time and costs.

  • KENDAXA Customer Portal: Enables efficient B2C interaction e.g. by arranging appointments, viewing documents or processing their payments.
  • KENDAXA Automated Sales Process: Automation and digitalization of the sales process.

KENDAXA Workflow Management

Service for prediction of sales, supplier shortage, machine downtime, capacity requirements and customer calls.

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KENDAXA Deep Intellingence Platform

KENDAXA Deep Intellingence is KENDAXA’s answer to the urging need of companies to make sense out of all the AI‑related buzzwords and create tangible results with their data.

KENDAXA Deep Intelligence

As we went deep into our core industries and optimized our approaches, we started streamlining the steps from data exploration to solution. This generalization effort allowed us to massively accelerate our productivity and, more importantly, focus on what really matters: business value.

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