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Software tester

Josef Ševců, better known (and partly even known ONLY) as „Pepa“, is a tester at KENDAXA. Software tester, that sounds like an exciting profession. A software tester is a specialist who checks the code and functionality of software. Weeding out the bugs in new software is very important and needs a thorough approach and perseverance. But Pepa wasn’t always a tester. Funny enough he started his career as a shop assistant in the carpet shop, which gave him just the right soft skills: communicating openly, asking the right questions, effective time management and listening to the own intuition.

Our Head of HR met him in a pub and he mentioned that he would like to move to Prague with his girlfriend. He did not have any experience with testing at all and IT business in general. During that time we connected him with one of our Project Managers. They had a Skype call and decided that Pepa would try working in this new work field. For us it was important that Pepa had a logical and analytical mind. The rest was basically just learning by doing. Pepa learned quickly as he was eager to get good knowledge. This way Pepa has became a great tester and super valuable KENDAXA member, with a great team spirit. Now he has been diving into the automation testing and he seems to enjoy it as he wants to do it more and more. Pepa has the KENDAXA heart and desire to learn and improve himself which is – as it was stated and proven above- the most important characteristics the employee can have.

Pepa himself says, that he wanted to work at KENDAXA because he wanted to try something new and IT was just that for him: a totally new industry which has a big potential in that future and there will always be new things to learn. He was also keen on experiencing a new challenge with the change of his location as he was living in Zlin, a fairly small town 300 km outside of Prague. He says: “It is just the same with the IT industry – There is always something new to explore in Prague. I do not regret my decision. It’s been a few years now and I’m happy at KENDAXA!”


Daniel Crha is a software developer and is currently doing a Master’s degree in Software and Data Engineering at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague. Before he was studying General Computer Science to receive his Bachelor’s degree. When he was in high school, he started working a temporary job at the airport in Prague, where he did a bunch of stuff, that was unrelated to software development. But later during his 2nd year at Uni, he wanted to transition into a part-time job which was in the software industry – accompanying the theoretical part of his studies. Also to get some real experience and building his resume, because he says “I didn’t want to be the type of person who leaves university after 5 years of studying and has no practical skills whatsoever.” At that point he started looking around for jobs in the industry. Since he learned C# at university, he felt like it was his strongest language. He applied to a handful of companies and KENDAXA was the first one where he got an interview invitation. The interview went well and he got a really good offer soon after, which fit in terms of location, flexibility, interesting tech stack and compensation. He was very glad, but admits: “The first few months on the job were definitely a bit rough, since solving practical issues is quite a bit different than just learning computer science theory in university, but since I started during summer break, I had time to adjust to it before the next semester. Studying computer science and working part-time is definitely not easy and it can be pretty exhausting to have to do university work and then still be in the right mental space to do a good job at work, but it’s manageable.” He covers his exams and the preparation with his vacation days and he took some time off to finish his bachelor’s thesis. “It hasn’t always been easy to make it work, but overall I think it’s been worth it. I got a lot of experience I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I’ll be exiting university with a few years of practical experience under my belt along with my degree.”, he says.
Daniel is a very good developer and the project managers, who are in direct contact with the software developers, really like to work with him. We are happy that you found you’re way to KENDAXA!


Cornelia Spindler – actually rarely anybody calls her that – to everybody she is just known as “Conny” – is the Head of Office in Leipzig.

Generally she fulfills important functions of a commercial, administrative and scheduling nature to relieve managers and often also fulfills an important advisory function. At KENDAXA, Conny specifically takes care of calendar maintenance, payroll accounting, travel expense reports and is, on the whole, the right hand of the Management. She started working here on Sept. 15th, 2018 after having been recommended for the job by a former colleague. She was actually supposed to support a former CEO, that ended up leaving the company 3 days before Connys arrival. What a chaotic start! Luckily our other CEO Christopher Blaschke asked her to support him. After major restructuring in May 2019 at the office in Leipzig she first took over Accounting and later the entire Administration of the KENDAXA Group in Germany.

Conny started her career with a training as an Event Manager for 2,5 years. Later on she studied a Dual Business Studies program with a specialization in Event Management in Breitenbrunn in the Ore Mountains. After having finished her studies she was working in a different company at the same position.

Oftentimes Conny acts as an Allrounder and helps wherever help is needed. Our staff holds Conny in high esteem and all turn to her with confidence when problems arise. She says: “I really like my work, my colleagues and KENDAXA because of its incredible flexibility, independent way of working and the family-friendly environment.”

We are very happy to have Conny on board at KENDAXA because she is a real asset to our company!


Adéla Turková is working at KENDAXA as a graphic designer, taking care of company brand manual, preparing marketing materials, taking photos of events and people, newly also making video animations. Typically the graphic designer creates visual products and advertising materials of all kinds. Essential for the job are an expertise in various design softwares, creativity and knowledge on current trends. All that is what Adéla is bringing to her job.
She studied Printing Arts and Photophysics (little bit of mechanical engineering, mainly natural science and also graphic arts). Typography is and has always been what she prefered over chemistry so she went to Belgium to study Graphic Design and stayed focused on it since then. She is experienced in corporate identity building from her practise – DTP work and branding. Adéla says:
“At KENDAXA I realized once again what is the most important thing: a good communication. You can be developing the best product but without explaining complicated stuff simply and clearly nobody knows what are you offering. I try to implement this intelligibility into each element of visual communication in my coverage. I’m using what I’ve learned during my university studies – there is always a better graph, a simpler scheme, a funnier picture… how to explain abstract and difficult matters. I was inventing my own understanding of physical laws and other obstacles.” One fun fact about her: During the pandemic she started knitting, saying: “Sweaters are also graphic design that you can snuggle in!”
It’s great having you at KENDAXA, Adéla! You are doing a fantastic job and are fun to be around! Keep up the good work!

In-House Counsel and Head of Legal

Dr. Heinrich Steinführer is our In-House Counsel and Head of Legal, providing us with quality, accurate and relevant advice on the whole spectrum of legal matters that apply to our business and our services and products. He has known our CEO Christopher Blaschke for 8 years now when Chris was working in his law firm and they stayed in touch ever since.

When Chris founded his first company, Impulsfaktor GmbH, he kept asking for Heinrichs advice as a lawyer, and in between they even founded their own company with his participation at one point, Kendaya GmbH & Co. KG. It was then in the fall of 2018 that Chris asked Heinrich, together with the then Managing Director, if Heinrich could join KENDAXA entirely as an In-House Lawyer, instead of just as an external consultant.

Heinrich is now 48 years old and has been a lawyer for ten years, before that he worked in various legal professions, including being a Corporate Lawyer, Research Assistant at the University, in research at the Environmental Research Center, in a notary’s office and so on. He has two grown boys (22 and 23 years old), who are following in his footsteps and also study law at the University in Münster, as well as two older stepchildren. He originally hails from Freiburg in the South-West of Germany and his wife is from Saxony so they are having a proper “Ossi-Wessi” relationship.

We are happy to have you in our team, Heinrich!


Kamila Kunertova started working at KENDAXA during fall 2017 as a Receptionist/Team Assistant. It was her first full time job and as she claims by herself – the position was just a great fit for her to start learning and gaining all the experience while working in a very friendly informal environment. After a couple of months, Kamča took over a lot of new responsibilities and started on a new position – HR Manager. She remembers the last question during the interview: “Are you really sure you can handle IT guys”? Well, it’s been 4 years and she still can!

“My backgroud before KENDAXA was completely different. I was working as a makeup artist, which was my childhood dream but when the dream turned into a reality, after few years in the ‘beauty industry’, I suddenly felt a big urge to completely start over and something completely different. At KENDAXA I realized what I want and what I like to do, gradually gained the experiences and the trust so currently I am in charge of the Backoffice and parts of the HR department in Prague.”

We are very happy to have you on board, Kamča and thank you for your tireless efforts!


Jindrich Basek – also known as Jindra – is the Head of IT at KENDAXA.
He is very passionate about computers. Having said that, he works with: computers; his hobbies are: computers; in his free time he enjoys: computers. You get it, right?!
When his parents bought him his first computer when he was 7 years old, he was lost and yet at the same time he found his way!
Since then he spent a lot of time in front of his computer. He always wanted to know how things work. So deciding to study not only Computer Science but Electronics as well for a deeper understanding was natural to him.
Then he had to decide: Electronics and Micro-controllers or Software Engineering. Software Engineering it was for his Master Studies. He saw a bigger potential to apply imagination and do things not seen before in Software Engineering.
Jindra was so impatient to write his first real software that people will use and so he started working in a small software company in parallel to his studies. That gave him a chance to deepen his knowledge and understanding of software development. He also met his beloved wife there.
When he finished his studies, he felt he would like to know more – to see how big companies work. And so he joined an international corporation, where he got a chance to work in an international team of software engineers. Even though it was a great experience, after five years he felt he needed a bigger challenge, so he started dreaming of working in some interesting startup. Somewhere where he can make his ideas really count.
A lucky coincidence caused that he was contacted by KENDAXA to join the team as a Software Developer and Team Leader. That was a great opportunity which he happily accepted.
Truth is that in a dynamic startup, you get a chance to touch and learn many things. He felt like in just his first year he was already given a chance to gain more experience than in his whole previous career.
He was given a chance to learn something you hardly imagine as a computer enthusiastic – that software development is not primarily about computers, but about people!
He got a chance to learn things he couldn’t imagine before – how hard it is to lead people and at the same time how entertaining and fulfilling it is!
And then, suddenly, another lucky coincidence came around the corner – he was offered to become a Software Architect at KENDAXA and soon after the Head of IT.
He was concerned to accept such a great responsibility, but he felt trust – trusted by his colleagues giving him this chance and trust of his beloved, now having less time for them because of such a responsibility.
So he took this challenge and there was no regret at all!
Thanks to it, he was given the chance to get to know software development from various angles and see its beauty and complexity in a much more complete picture.
Jindra got the chance to work with great people on a great idea in a great company and thanks to the challenges on his journey got the chance to become a better person!
And this is what counts!
Jindra’s deepest wish is that his passion would be an inspiration for other people as well!
We count ourselves very lucky to have you on board, Jindra!