Czech Republic

KENDAXA is a middle-sized company with challenging vision and enthusiactic team. Our ambition is to help other businesses to turn the data to their advantage – we stand for AI-based data aggregation and data profiling as well as digitisation and automation of processes. We’ve been developing great products that could be seamlessly integrated into core corporate systems. Now we are searching for a new colleague to our industry-oriented team that will help us to reach our mission.

What your tasks will be

  • coding, testing and debugging
  • designing and writing of algorithms for various complex problems while using the available resources in the most efficient way
  • modification of algorithms
  • optimization
  • visualization
  • scraping

What we expect from you

  • Proficient Python skills
    • Additional knowledge of Scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, etc.
    • Experience with concurrency, multithreading, non-blocking calls, iterators, generators and streams
  • Algorithms
    • Ability to design and write scalable algorithms for various complex problems
    • Good understanding of the asymptotic complexity and its application to algorithm design
    • Ability to profile and benchmark algorithms
    • Knowledge of different algorithm classes, P, NP, etc.
    • Knowledge of dynamic programming
  • Machine Learning
    • Proficient knowledge of Scikit-learn
    • Good knowledge of basic ML algorithms (SVM, RF, NN, etc.)
    • Experience with bias-variance trade-off, dealing with unbalanced datasets
    • Knowledge of a computational framework such as TensorFLow, Pytorch
    • Experience with Keras or similar high level APIs, numpy and Pandas
  • Optimization
    • Knowledge of basic optimization techniques and gradient descent and back-propagation, second order methods and their use
    • Basic knowledge of evolutionary algorithms, multi-objective optimization and linear programming
    • Knowledge of commonly used loss functions/metrics and their properties (RMSE, MAE, MAPE, crossentropy, etc.)
  • Visualization skills
  • Experience with data structures
  • Intermediate knowledge of graph theory
  • Proficient with both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Experience with docker

Company benefits

Innovative mind
Flexibility in working culture
Friendly and motivated team
System of benefits
Educational system

This position is located in our office in Prague 1 – Můstek, 28. října street.
If you are interested, send us your CV to hr‑