KENDAXA is a member of German AI Association 

Leipzig, August 11, 2022  

KENDAXA is now a member of the largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) network, whose goal is to establish a sustainable AI ecosystem in Germany and Europe. With more than 400 AI companies, the German AI Association is the largest AI network in Germany.   

Artificial Intelligence is one of the crucial technologies of our future. The members of the Association are committed to ensuring that this technology is applied in the spirit of European and democratic values and that Europe achieves digital sovereignty. To achieve this, Germany and the EU must become an attractive AI location for entrepreneurs, where willingness to take risks is appreciated and innovative spirit can thrive in optimal conditions. The goal of the Association is to establish an active, successful and sustainable AI ecosystem in Germany and Europe.   

Thanks to this new membership, KENDAXA is now able to exchange ideas with entrepreneurs and learn from each other’s experiences. The exchange contributes to strengthening the innovative power in Germany.   

Roland Hölscher, CRO of KENDAXA: “We are looking forward to exciting discussions with the other members of the German AI Association. Personally, I am particularly looking forward to the exchange in the Climate Working Group and the discussion on how AI can be used even more in climate protection.”