KENDAXA as a participant in the “Best of Industry Award 2022”

Leipzig, September 8th, 2022

The industry needs innovations and new approaches to master the challenges of the present and the future – today more than ever. Which solutions add real value becomes clear in the “Best of Industry Award”. The industry award has been presented since 2016 and this year, for the first time, KENDAXA is participating alongside 180 other companies in the “Digitale Infrastruktur” category.

A part of our “Intelligent Industry Solutions” – the BOM Validator – is entering the race. The challenges of variant manufacturing hold great potential for the further development of production, but also a great risk for configuration and BOM management, which can be contained with intelligent software. In this context, the BOM Validator supports the automation of quality management and helps to detect errors at an early stage and to reduce follow-up costs. This is because BOM validation using conventional systems and additional manual checking is not entirely capable of ruling out errors in new variants.  

Voting is now open until 31.10.2022.  

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