Overcoming challenges in using AI technologies


The challenges in using AI technologies are still relatively diverse. One key challenge for many organizations is their inability to use unstructured data, which could hold tremendous value, but cannot be analyzed using conventional systems.


Intelligent Platform leverages our cumulative skills and experience in machine learning – powerful on its own (as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)) or as a robust base for some of our other services and products. It is our answer to the urgent need of companies to make sense out of all the AI-related buzzwords and create tangible results with all their data.

Our product works as an enabler to drive more commercial impact through insights. As we went deep into our core industries and optimized our approaches, we started streamlining the steps from data exploration to solution. This generalization effort allowed us to massively accelerate our productivity and, more importantly, focus on what really matters: business value.


These internal tools that we value so much were put through heavy-duty tests to make them available to a wider audience and presented in the lean and straightforward interface that we call Intelligent Platform.

Every time KENDAXA’s expertise grows, Intelligent Platform grows with it. The platform also includes frequently needed methods for data aggregation from different sources such as into data lakes plus methods for data pre-processing such as cleansing, de-duplication, refinement, and enrichment from external sources. We are constantly searching for innovative solutions for our projects and testing our models against new approaches.

Your Benefits

The lessons learned from this experience are transformed into the new features and upgrades we regularly add to our Intelligent Platform. These can range from an increase in a few percentage points in the accuracy of a model to a whole new functionality leveraging a recently published algorithm or a model we created.