frequently asked questions

Multiple pain points you would definitely ask about during the hiring process


We are open to both remote and on-site work but we still believe in the magic of the personal touch. Therefore your personal attendance in our office is required from time to time – usually 1-2 times per month.

After we receive your resume, we review it thoroughly with employees in the relevant department and with HR staff. If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll invite you in for an interview (possibly via video call) to get to know you. We are very open about our applicants’ backgrounds and previous careers. It just has to be a human fit, and the rest usually comes naturally.

We’ve grown from a startup to a small-scale company in the last few years, and it shows in every corner of the company. We believe in trust, fair play, and pro-activity and with those values, in mind, we start relationships with our colleagues.

The standard dress code in KENDAXA is casual. No need to wear a suit or tie.

Usually we use DELL equipment with the exception of the design team that uses APPLE.

Employees in KENDAXA use PC laptops with Windows licenses provided by KENDAXA and supported by the IT department. Employees can optionally install alternative OS like Linux.

Yes, students have open doors at KENDAXA. The internship at KENDAXA usually takes 3-6 months, with a negotiable amount of working hours per week. In case of satisfaction on both sites after the end of the internship, further long-term cooperation is highly welcome.

Our office is located in the perfect hub of all 3 lines of the subway (the address is 28.října 377/13) so the quickest way to come is either by the subway or tram. Because we’re in the center of the pedestrian zone, we do not have parking spots in front of our building. Nevertheless, there are several parking houses around Wenceslas Square where you can book the right place for your car.

The office in Leipzig is located in the Südvorstadt, about 2.5 km south of the center. The office can be reached by bus and tram, but also by bicycle and car. There is free parking in the surrounding area.

We support both remote and on-site work but we still believe in the magic of the personal touch. Therefore, even if the amount of home-office is unlimited, we would like our teams to meet personally, usually 1-2 times per month. The working hours are flexible, we don’t care if you work from 6 am or 10 am but we are used to working during the days (not nights) and on the working days (not weekends).