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Dec 2022

A webinar on “AI for SMEs” – What to consider? What are the advantages? Many experts are of the same opinion: AI is similarly disruptive as the Internet used to be, for example. What should be considered? What are the advantages? For which use cases is the use of AI worthwhile?

Webinar  |  online
Jan 2023
Artificial Intelligence and sustainability – two buzzwords that are highly relevant nowadays. Studies on the topic show that Artificial Intelligence can already play a role in reducing the ecological footprint – Approximately 14 percent of all industrially emitted greenhouse gases worldwide could be saved. Measures include:
  • Reduction of “waste products” generated in production through AI-assisted quality inspection.
  • Supply chain optimization through AI
  • Predicting machine breakdowns and maintenance through AI-powered forecasting to catch peaks early
Learn more in our webinar!


Webinar  |  online

in Feb 2023

Many banks and insurance companies have been moving toward digitization and automation for several years. Often, processes have only been optimized on the customer side. We present our approach for banks and especially also insurers to automate a large part of the repetitive core business processes.
Webinar  |  online


 Oct 2022
On 12.10.2022, the best of both worlds will be brought together for the Digital Bash – Main Event of the Year. As a visitor:in, you can exchange ideas and get information in person. Or watch the talks online from the comfort of your own device.
The Digital Bash also provides you with a top-class program at the MAIN EVENT. An event organized by industry insiders for a unique knowledge advantage:
– Concentrated knowledge in one day
– Top-class speakers and topics
– Perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and network with other industry experts
Conference  |  Hamburg, DE
 Nov 2022
With its unique concept, the SPS represents the complete spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a comprehensively digitized industrial world.
The focus is on practical solutions for your specific field of work. Find answers to your specific concerns as well as solution approaches for the challenges of tomorrow. The participation of highly qualified exhibitors and visitors enables an exchange at eye level and guarantees a successful exhibition participation – on site in Nuremberg as well as globally via our complementary digital platform
Exhibition  |  Nuremberg, DE
May 2023
Since 2015, the annual Rise of AI conference has connected AI experts, decision-makers, opinion leaders and game changers to discuss Artificial Intelligence for society, politics and economy.
Conference  |  Berlin, DE

Past events

Sep 2022

Do you actually know which potentials are still dormant in your company besides automation and digitization? How you can save costs and drive innovation even in times of crisis? Participants got answers to these and other questions about production optimization during the event.

Conference | Würzburg, DE
Sep 2022

In addition to all the challenges that the last few years have brought, producers, as well as end consumers, have unfortunately also had to deal with enormous supply bottlenecks. For companies that use a wide range of similar parts in production, it often happens that one part can be replaced by another. However, because these parts are stored under different numbers, names and codes, the substitutability is not always immediately apparent. This often causes additional production or maintenance costs, since there are also alternatives that could be used directly. We have developed a solution for this: Based on 2D drawings and 3D models, we can calculate the similarities of different parts that fit perfectly into your parts list and their interchangeability. Review our for more information on “Similar Parts Finder”and learn more about how the solution can help to speed up the search for spare parts and thus save time, costs and resources.

Webinar  |  online
 Jul 2022

Review our webinar on “Intelligent Document Processing”. Learn with us how “Intelligent Document Processing” works. This describes extracting and organizing information from complex content in any document format. Our Intelligent Document Processing solution transforms unstructured and semi-structured information into reusable data. Why is this so important? Here’s why: data is at the heart of digital transformation. Unfortunately, 80% of all business data is in unstructured formats (business documents, PDFs, emails, images, etc.). IDP (short for Intelligent Document Processing) is the next generation of automation, as it is able to capture, extract and process data from a variety of document formats. It uses AI technologies such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning (ML) to classify, categorize and extract relevant information and validate the extracted data.

Webinar  |  online
 Jul 2022

Review our webinar on “Predictive Maintenance” and how you can increase your asset productivity using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods. Predictive maintenance is one of the major application areas of artificial intelligence in the context of Industry 4.0. Predictive machine and plant maintenance works thanks to the collection, storage and analysis of huge amounts of data. Collected process and machine data make forecasts possible and achieve that companies can detect machine failures and malfunctions at an early stage and thus avoid downtime. We will give you a practical, concrete overview of the possibilities, conditions, success factors and solution approaches for exploiting the potential of AI in an industrial context in the area of “Predictive Maintenance”.

Webinar  |  online
 Jun 2022

For the first time, the 2022 User Conference took place as a hybrid event. Watch our presentation on “AI-based Quality Assurance in the context of Teamcenter BOM Management” (in German) together with CAD ‘N ORG.

Conference  |  Seeheim, DE
 Mar 2022

Webinar on the quality management challenges facing the manufacturing industry and how AI can help automate quality assurance and save costs.

Webinar  |  online
 Sep 2021

Our presentation with 2 of our managing directors, Christopher Blaschke and Roland Hölscher, at the “Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Symposium DACH 2021” held by Siemens on 16.09.2021.

Conference  |  online