We want to shape
the digital evolution

Our mission is to give our customers the power to fully use their data.



We strive for consistently good product and solution quality. To achieve this, we set high personal, methodical and entrepreneurial standards.


We work with passion and commitment. We are proud of our work and the results we achieve. We want your (and therefore our) success.


The fulfillment of cyber security and data protection requirements is self-evident for us and therefore the basis for the design and implementation of our solutions right from the start.


Interdisciplinary teams with a wide range of professional and industrial backgrounds contribute their experience to the development of solutions – whether in a pilot project or the further development of a product. Essential is the joint achievement of objectives.

Technological diversity

The diversity of our technological know-how allows us flexibility in the choice of technology for the solutions we design. As a result, each of our solutions is based on the technology that is best suited to it, which gives them a high potential for success and makes them reliable.

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Start of the data-driven solution development at the founding location Leipzig, Germany
First version of the HR management software for the retail industry
Founding of the development location in Prague
International talent recruiting (members from 17 nations at one point)
Start of the development of the AI platform

Joint venture with Warth & Klein / Grant Thornton
Completion & implementation of the first version of the HR Management Software

Acquisition of the first major project in the engineering sector
KENDAXA as company name for all group companies

Successful implementation of BOM-Validator in the engineering sector
KENDAXA approaches the milestone of 100 employees
Acquisition of 2 major projects in the insurance and financial services industry

Meet our team

Christopher Blaschke

CEO & Founder
loves Coca Cola & cool suspenders

Dr. Thomas Klüss

masters colourful socks and Excel tables

Susann Garcia

Head of Project Management
best lady boss and snack-manager for our office dogs

Jindřich Bašek

Head of IT
passionate enthusiast for documentation and manuals

Pavlína Pučelík Pánková

Head of HR
although she works in HR she loves animals more ;D

Our amibitious crew is organized in the following teams

Assistance to the Management

Cornelia Spindler
Assistant to the Management Board
able to organize literally everything – from a private flight to the moon to free pizza delivery at 5am

Back Office

Darija Bednářová
Accounting Assistant
an allrounder – good with numbers and an amazing cook

Data Scientist

Jiří Borovec
Data Scientist
can solve all problems – except when the coffee machine is switched off


Alisa Volkova
knows that design won't save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good


Chrysostomos Christou (aka Tommy)
Frontend Lead
a unique combination of both hard and soft skills in IT – proof that miracles do exist


Marouen Hammami
Java Developer
originally from Tunisia, visually from Brazil, but Czech by heart

Facts & Figures


Dr. Heinrich Steinführer
In-house Counsel
the only person to find the Czech language easy to learn


Dan Crha
.NET Developer
even though he's one of the youngest, he could beat the world with his productivity

Marketing/Business Development

Vivien Gradehand
Social Media & Marketing
married to LinkedIn, dating Instagram and followed by our fans

Project Management

Pavel Šťastný
Project Manager
the most sarcastic guy ever – and that’s the reason we love him


Jiří Pytela
Python Developer
a positive thinker, a talented developer and a great player of pub quiz

System Engineering

Cezary Zemis
System Engineer
a unique combination of huge experience in system administration and a passion for fashion


Luis Garcia
Testing Lead
claims to be our friend but turns everything we develop upside down – simply an incredibly good tester

Fast Learner

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Our values

Our values are the foundation of our culture, our achievements and therefore the success of our clients. They shape our internal and external relationships and define the way we work together.


We take matters into our own hands and look for the best solutions instead of the easiest one. Flexibility is our mantra.​

Human Power

Our teams are the foundation of our success. We create added value through the exchange of experience and know-how while enjoying an open and familiar atmosphere and a healthy dose of humor.​


We build on respect both internally and externally – towards our customers as well as our employees. Relationships based on trust are crucial and we know it.​


Courage for new ideas, unusual approaches and progress pushes us forward. We think outside the box and look at challenges from a variety of perspectives.

Customer First

Interests and long‑term satisfaction of our customers are our top priority. Their business results are as important to us as our own.