Intelligent Automation
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Enabling our customers to reap the benefits of intelligent digital transformation technologies with optimized, automated business processes

Machine Intelligence Creates Values

By advancing automation to the next level from robotic process automation (RPA) of simple routine tasks to decision making and more complex assignments, our intelligent automation solutions achieve direct and indirect benefits. They even overcome traditional trade-offs such as the one between improving quality and reducing costs.

Immediately measurable, processes are accelerated, and employee productivity increases while at the same time the accuracy and depth of insights from a more comprehensive leverage of all your data improve.

Indirectly, all of these immediate benefits aggregate into strengthened competitiveness, higher customer satisfaction, and thus finally to increased market share and profitability.

Solution areas & platform

Intelligent Business Process Automation

Modelling, automation, orchestrated execution, and management of workflows, data pipelines, and decisions

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Intelligent Industry Solutions

Automation and optimization of industrial engineering, production, and product lifecycle management (PLM) processes

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Intelligent Document Processing

Automated processing of digital and digitized documents for the extraction of structured data from typical business documents

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KENDAXA Deep Intelligence Platform

Bundling our cumulative skills and experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science to make them available for use in our solutions

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Industry focus & domain expertise

KENDAXA specializes in intelligent automation solutions for these industry sectors:

Financial Services

Insurance Brokerage
Receivables Management and Debt Collection


Machine Building
Variant Manufacturing

Our principles

We are customer-oriented and focused on your success.


Investments in our software pay off sustainably and in a manageable time


Our solutions grow with your requirements and can be expanded and adapted flexibly

Added Value

Intelligent automation relieves employees and creates room for new opportunities


We integrate our Software-as-a-Service solutions with existing infrastructures for full digitization potential without fundamental restructuring of your IT system landscape

Some of our recent customers

Insurance Brokerage
Investment Banking
Building Materials
Receivables Management
Automotive Banking
Aviation Supplier